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Because they adhere without the use...
Because they adhere without the use of acids and their consistency are extremely forbar, they offer endless possibilities for nail sculpting itself in the treatment of problem nails. Alessandro gels also develop little filings and can be edited easily. The time alessandro has a wide range of color, glitter, French and Natural Nail gels for all kinds of styles, with special Repairgele to correct modeled nails, Top Gloss Gels for the perfect surface sealant to extra flexible gels for the pedicure.
Please note that UV gels allowed for artificial nail systems under the Cosmetics Regulation is only for professional use.
Ingredients Ingredients UV Gels & UV Color Gels Call us at: 02571-5837372
FX-one C&G
FX-One Colour & Gloss Die neueste Generation Colour...
Fx-One Gel
FX-One is a completely new, unique gel that can not be compared...
Fibre Gel
The extreme durability of this system comes from the fibreglass...
Top Gloss Gel
UV-gel for sealing the surface.
Camouflage Gele
The Camouflage technology is ideal for those whose nail bed in...
Pure Gel
Developed by professionals for professionals: The source of...
Soft  Gel
The alessandro International Soft fluids are free of concern of...
High Speed Gel
1-Phase Structure Gel
Repair Gel
1-Phase UV-Gel
French Gel
Thin and medium viscosity UV Gel for the French top.
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