For 40 years, ibd has set the standard for...


For 40 years, ibd has set the standard for salon innovation and excellence in professional gel systems. We develop and introduce top quality products and continuously research new technology to bring to the forefront of our ever-growing salon industry. ibd is dedicated to providing professional nail techs with new and practical ways to promote customer satisfaction and a profitable business.

ibds self-leveling formulas ensure complete control. Advanced and acid free, they will not overheat when curing. When applied correctly, enhancements appear thin, light and completely natural. Your new nails will not lift or crack, but will retain a durability that rivals any acrylic. Whether natural or colored, ibd gels always keep their lustrous shine and incredibly glossy appearance. From bonders and builders to sculpting and extremes, ibd offers an assortment of gels and gel products to meet your client’s needs in length, tip and color.

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