Permanent color is the hype of the 21th...


Permanent color is the hype of the 21th century.
With GUILL D´OR Gel Polish you can give every woman the look she wants.
Surprise your costumers with our new Gel Polish of GUILL D´OR.
Full colored nails, duo-tones with mini French Tips, designs with Gel Polish....
GUILL D´OR offers a full range of possibilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used with uV light & LED light
  • Anti-allergic
  • Doesn´t harm the natural nail
  • Cures within a few seconds
  • Can be matched with GUILL D´OR Nail POlish
  • High Shine glossy finish
  •  No filing before soaking off
  • Soaks off in only 7-11 minutes
  • Fashion Trend Colors
  • Very Easy application
  • Special Formular to make designs
  • For extra strength use One Touch as a base

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