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We Love Colours!


99 new fashion colours with a new patented formula by alessandro

We love colours - is the motto under which alessandro International celebrates its new nail polishes. Since the discovery of the first nail polish 85 years ago, a lot has been changed. As for 85 years the nail polishes were light-coloured and transparent, it now comes in a broad colour variety that makes any woman’s heart beat faster. The durability and colour brilliance have been through a tremendous change as well and have greatly improved with the new generation of nail polishes. Over this period of time also the nail polish brush has been changed into a flat and wide form to ensure perfect application.

Today, nail polishes are part of fashion & lifestyle and are as important and trendy as bags, shoes and other accessories. Therefore a broad colour variety is extremely important. alessandro International designed 99 top fashion colours, which makes the heart of any nail polish freak beat faster.

The new patented formula for even more brilliance on nails:

Incredible long durability Fast drying No chipping Smooth & streak free application High colour intensiveness due to UV absorber Protects the nails High gloss shine

In order to make the application of nail polish much easier, alessandro International even designed a special nail polish bottle. The alessandro nail polish bottle has a patented Quick Brush guaranteeing easy and perfect application, a wider bottle opening for easy use and a recessed cap grip for a perfect handling. Just perfect!


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