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Manicure made by Nature
Nature defines our beauty ideals. Nature produces active, healing substances. Nature is the source of health and life. With this knowledge in mind and the desire to create something unique, SOURCE, a purely plant-based manicure range was created. Pure plant-based raw materials were used exclusively and preferentially from certified plantations. SOURCE products can also be used with very sensitive skin. They contain no parabens or artificial preservatives and are clinically tested and carry the “very good” test seal. Building on highly effective constituents such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, sepilift, sesame oil, panthenol, camomile and lemon balm, to name but a few, special manicure treatments were developed for SOURCE.

HYLATOX –PREMIUM MANICURE An intensive anti-aging treatment with aloe vera, sesame oil and hyaluronic acid. Hands and nails receive a deep-acting detoxifying mask with a longlasting protective effect. DAILY ENERGIZING MANICURE – The individual check-up programme for stressed hands that must look attractive again quickly.

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