Isabelle Lancray

The exclusive cosmetic brand Isabelle...
The exclusive cosmetic brand Isabelle Lancray, Paris is for 65 years, the epitome of luxury, innovation and beauty expertise - Isabelle Lancray, Paris is the ideal symbiosis of advanced care cosmetics with French elegance. It is a guarantee for quality and service and is characterized by sophisticated, professional full body cosmetics with a French flair and good tradition. Cutting-edge technology, bio-intelligent high-tech materials in unprecedented levels, as well as scientifically sophisticated ingredient concepts define today the way for the development of new skin care products constantly with the times. Luxurious and exclusive skin care lines for face and body to keep their promise of effectiveness. Isabelle Lancray, Paris sets standards for cosmetics. Haute Couture for the skin and traditionally good.

Unfortunately, it´s not possible to deliver outside Germany for items from
ISABELLE LANCRAY any order must therefore be canceled. If the shipping address is within Germany, delivery is possible.
Care products for all skin types A healthy, fresh appearance...
This line serves for the treatment of oily and impure skin....

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