Eye Browing

The perfect swing for beaming nice eyes to the secret of beaming eyes hears, above all, the suitable eyebrow form.

She should run harmoniously to the eyes and fit to the facial type. Often it is only one small eyebrow correction which changes the expression advantageously. alessandro Internationally has developed for this a special Eye Browing technology and the products fitting to it with which you can find out at home yourselves your optimum eyebrow form and correct.

Beside the practical Eyebrow Pencil with brush and the clear Eyebrow styling gel 4 different tones of the Eyebrow Powders are some of the highlights of our new assortment. For a professional long stopping hair distance in the eyebrows innovative Depilationsmethoden with real beeswax from the alessandro Waxing series offer you choice alessandro institutes, in addition. Who would like to leave a remaining impression, is of use alessandro Eye Browing!

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