3 Systems - 1 Colour

  NAIL POLISH  For all those who love...

NAIL POLISH For all those who love classics and make new decisions every day: non-permanent Durability up to 1 week

LAC SENSATION For all those who wish for long-lasting colour joy: Semi-permanent durability up to 3 weeks

COLOUR GEL For all those who want to be faithful to their favourite colour in the long term: Permanent durability up to 6 weeks 99 colours are not only 99 reasons for falling in love… ... they are also 99 possibilities of inventing your own personal nail lifestyle – regardless of the system variant in favour of which your customer decides! As though the extension of the standard nail polish range to reach the magical number of “99” were not enough, the hand and nail experts of alessandro International have raised the bar of colour feasibility: From now on, the semi-permanent Lac Sensation UV polish as well as the extremely durable colour gels will also be available in 99 nuances in total – matching as good as possible the 99 colours of the nail polish range. The exquisitely colourful palette ranges from innocent white and discreet nude tones through luminous strawberry red up to deep violet or striking black.


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